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WisdomTree Launches US Floating Rate Treasury ETF

26 mars 2019 Inga kommentarer

WisdomTree Launches US Floating Rate Treasury ETFUS Floating Rate Treasury ETF. Treasury bills that do not offer coupon payments and longer-maturity, fixed rate Treasury bonds.

Christopher Gannatti, WisdomTree Head of Research commented, “For investors who are looking for another government bond instrument to replace some of the low yield exposures present in many developed market treasuries, US Treasury FRNs could provide a yield enhancement, especially given the flatness of the US yield curve.”

Lidia Treiber, Fixed Income Research at WisdomTree, added, “US Treasury floating rate notes typically have a lower duration profile than floating rate corporate bonds (corporate FRNs) and can be used to help reduce corporate credit exposure within investor portfolios. Interest payments on corporate FRNs are exposed to corporate credit risk or risk that the borrower will default on its obligation.”

USFR: Under the Hood

Exposure: Invests in US Treasury Floating Rate Notes

Daily rate reset: The coupon rate is reset daily in reference to the highest accepted discount rate of the most recent 13-week Treasury Bill auction, plus or minus a fixed spread determined at the securities’ initial issuance.

Interest: Since auctions for new 13-week Treasury Bills occur once a week, the coupon rate effectively changes weekly. Interest is accrued daily and distributed quarterly.

Maturity: They are backed by the full faith and credit of the US government and have a 2-year final maturity.

Product information

TER: Total Expense Ratio

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