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The ten-year German Bunds have fallen below zero percent

15 juni 2016 Inga kommentarer

nya db x-trackers The ten-year German Bunds have fallen below zero percentThe ten-year German Bunds have fallen below zero percent

The ten-year German Bunds have fallen below zero percent. Returns offered by ten-year German Bunds have fallen below zero percent for the first time. This is what Stefan Kreuzkamp, Chief Investment Officer at Deutsche Asset Management, has to say:

“Ten-year German Bund yields are the measure of all things in finance. A minus in front of the interest rate is a symbolic manifestation of a world turning upside down. The evaporation of this reference distorts every single asset class.”

“As we approached this negative interest rate scenario, there have been some winners and many losers. German savers are in the losing camp because their exposure to equities and real estate is below the average of other countries, while the share of savings accounts is above average.”

“A negative interest rate has one benefit: It forces Germans to reconsider their investment behavior.”

“Of course there is no actual right to receive a positive interest rate. However, a market economy depends on prices providing accurate signals. The QE programs rolled out by central banks have distorted the demand side to such an extent that it no longer gives a proper indication of the savings and investment environment in the economy.”

Stefan KreuzkampStefan Kreuzkamp CIO Deutsche Asset Management

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