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Deutsche AM’s db X-trackers enters ESG corporate bond ETF market

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Deutsche AM’s db X-trackers enters ESG corporate bond ETF marketDeutsche AM’s db X-trackers enters ESG corporate bond ETF market

Deutsche Asset Management (Deutsche AM) has created a fixed income ETF to provide investors with environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG)-focused exposure to the euro-denominated corporate bond market. ESG corporate bond ETF

db x-trackers II ESG EUR Corporate Bond UCITS ETF (DR) tracks an index of corporate debt filtered to only include companies that meet certain sustainability, social and corporate governance requirements. The fund is a physical replication ETF.

“The provision of environmental, social and corporate governance investment solutions is an essential part of Deutsche Asset Management’s overall offering. More investors are starting to access fixed income exposure using ETFs, so it is important to have ESG-focused bond exposure available in ETF form alongside our existing solutions,” said Petra Pflaum, Deutsche AM’s Chief Investment Officer for Responsible Investments.

The ESG index underlying the ETF – the Bloomberg Barclays MSCI Euro Corporate Sustainable and SRI Index – has similar yield and duration to its non-SRI equivalent, and is over 99% correlated with it*. For inclusion in the index bonds have to be investment-grade rated and have an amount outstanding of at least EUR 300 million, as well as meeting sustainability and SRI requirements.

The db x-trackers II ESG EUR Corporate Bond UCITS ETF has an annual All-in Fee of 0.25% and is listed on the Deutsche Börse.

For further information please contact:

John Ferry
Deutsche Asset Management

*Source: Deutsche AM, January 2017: Bloomberg Barclays MSCI Euro Corporate Sustainable and SRI Index = duration of 5.3 and yield of 0.97%. Bloomberg Barclays Euro Aggregate Corporate Index = duration of 5.4 and yield of 0.98%. Five-year correlation between both indices = 99.8%.

Product Details

Name of ETF:     db x-trackers II ESG EUR Corporate Bond UCITS
BBG Code:         XB4F
ISIN:            LU0484968812
Fund Currency:    EUR
Listing Currency:     EUR
Annual All-in Fee:    0.25%
Physical/synthetic:    Physical
UCITS compliant:     Yes

Deutsche Asset Management

With EUR 706 billion of assets under management (as of December 31, 2016), Deutsche Asset Management¹ is one of the world’s leading investment management organizations. Deutsche Asset Management offers individuals and institutions traditional and alternative investments across all major asset classes.

¹ Deutsche Asset Management is the brand name of the Asset Management division of the Deutsche Bank Group. The respective legal entities offering products or services under the Deutsche Asset Management brand are specified in the respective contracts, sales materials and other product information documents.

Key risks

Investors should note that the db X-trackers UCITS ETFs1 are not capital protected or guaranteed and investors should be prepared and able to sustain losses of the capital invested up to a total loss.

Shares in db X-trackers UCITS ETFs which are purchased on the secondary market cannot usually be sold directly back to the relevant fund. Investors must purchase and redeem such shares on the secondary market with the assistance of an intermediary (e.g. a market maker or a stock broker) and may incur fees for doing so (as further described in the applicable prospectus). In addition, investors may pay more than the current net asset value of a share in a db X-trackers UCITS ETF when buying shares on the secondary market, and may receive less than the current net asset value when selling such shares on the secondary market.

Investments in funds involve numerous risks including, among others, general market risks, credit risks, foreign exchange risks, interest rate risks and liquidity risks. The value of an investment in a db X-trackers UCITS ETF may go down as well as up and investors may not get back the full amount of their original investment.

Important Notice

This press release has been issued and approved by Deutsche Bank AG, London Branch and has been prepared solely for information purposes, and is not an offer or a recommendation to enter into any transaction.

Deutsche Bank AG is authorised under German Banking Law (competent authority: European Central Bank) and, in the United Kingdom, by the Prudential Regulation Authority. It is subject to supervision by the European Central Bank and by BaFin, Germany’s Federal Financial Supervisory Authority, and is subject to limited regulation in the United Kingdom by the Prudential Regulation Authority and Financial Conduct Authority. Deutsche Bank AG is a joint stock corporation with limited liability incorporated in the Federal Republic of Germany, Local Court of Frankfurt am Main, HRB No. 30 000; Branch Registration in England and Wales BR000005 and Registered Address: Winchester House, 1 Great Winchester Street, London EC2N 2DB.

Please refer to the relevant fund’s full prospectus and the latest version of the Key Investor Information Document for more information on db X-trackers UCITS ETFs. These documents are available free of charge from Deutsche Bank AG, London Branch and constitute the only binding basis for purchase of shares in the ETFs. As explained in the relevant offering documents, distribution of ETFs is subject to restrictions in certain jurisdictions. The ETFs described herein may neither be offered for sale nor sold in the USA, in Canada, in Japan to US Persons or to persons residing in the USA.

All-in Fee:

Direct replication funds. • Investors should be aware that in addition to the All-In Fee, other factors may negatively impact the performance of their investment relative to the underlying index. • Examples include: Brokerage and other transaction costs, Financial Transaction Taxes or Stamp Duties as well as potential differences in taxation of either capital gains or dividend assumed in the relevant underlying index, and actual taxation of either capital gains or dividends in the fund. • The precise impact of these costs cannot be estimated reliably in advance as it depends on a variety of non-static factors. Investors are encouraged to consult the audited annual- and un-audited semi-annual reports for details.

db x-trackers UCITS ETFs are all ETFs of one of the following platforms: db x-trackers, db x-trackers II or Concept Fund Solutions plc.
© 2017 Deutsche Bank AG

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